YULE LOG Index and Cross Reference

The Index and Cross Reference is a listing of articles that have appeared in the Yule Log from 1969-present (45 pages). The Index's first printing date was April 30, 1998. The late Ed Kalasa was responsible for the indexing from 1969-2001. Recently, Christine Sanders took on the project and updated the index to include 1969-present. The Index is dedicated to all editors of the Yule Log and to the many members who contributed articles "maintaining the publication's high standards and projecting the friendly image of the Christmas Philatelic Club.

Paid members of the Christmas Philatelic Club can get a copy via email free or a CD for $5. Please contact Christine Sanders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Non-members could receive a copy of the Index (as indicated above) upon joining the Christmas Philatelic Club. See Application to become a member of CPC.



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