The Christmas Philatelic Club Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary 

In 2019, the Christmas Philatelic Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The Club’s Leadership, coupled with input from the membership, planned three Anniversary Projects, our Anniversary Club Meeting at MILCOPEX in 2019, and a variety of Anniversary items for this important milepost in our history.

The Anniversary Projects included a Special Supplement to our journal, the Yule Log, published at the end of 2018, entitled Collecting Christmas, An Introduction to Topical Philately. This full-color supplement covered all of the major groups of philatelic items that can be collected: stamps, postmarks, covers and cards, Cinderellas, with many examples in each chapter. It also discussed how to organize a collection, both physically and conceptually; how to develop a database for the collection; and how/where to find items to collect. A 92-page monograph on the Christmas, Florida Post Office was also published as a Special Anniversary Project that focused on the postal history of the town as well as the post office. It included extensive examples of FDCs, covers, cards, postmarks, and precancels from Christmas, Florida as well as special patriotic covers, Christmas seal covers, airmail covers, and FDCs that passed through this small town post office. The third Anniversary Project involved updating the checklist for worldwide Christmas stamps. A 287-page Worldwide Christmas Stamps publication resulted from a three-year long effort of the membership to accomplish this task. These three publications are now being offered to the public at membership prices.

The Christmas Philatelic Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary at MILCOPEX in Milwaukee, WI, September 20 – 22, 2019 with a special club 1-frame exhibit and quilt created by Elaine Loughlin, the wife of our club President Brian (Figure 1). All of our Special Projects, Anniversary Covers with postmark designed by Secretary/Treasurer Jim Balog (Figures 2a and 2b) and Seal (Figure 3) were shared with the philatelic community at large, as were numerous exhibits on Christmas philately.

Figure 1: CPC Secretary/Treasurer Jim Balog at MILCOPEX 2019 and Elaine's anniversary quilt



                                              Figure2a: 50th Anniversary Cover (type 1)


                                                Figure 2b: 50th Anniversary Cover (type 2)


               Figure 3: 50th Anniversary Seal

During our next 50 years, it is our hope that we will enlarge our membership to include all who wish to celebrate Christmas every day.




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