In the January/February 1990 issue of the Yule Log, Ken Mackenzie in his column "Der Tannenbaum" proposed that the Christmas Philatelic Club (CPC) celebrate its 25th anniversary in Harmony, Minnesota, the birthplace of CPC. He also suggested CPC start an immediate campaign to persuade the United States Postal Service to issue the 1994 Christmas stamps in the town of Harmony.

In the March/April 1991 issue, the then President Joan Klimchalk announced a stamp design contest. The Club would submit winning entries from this contest to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee for consideration to be used as the contemporary 1994 Christmas stamp.

The July/August 1991 Yule Log introduced a "Celebrate 1994 in Harmony" column detailing some of the plans for the 1994 celebration. CPC was looking for volunteers to co-ordinate the celebration and someone to head up the letter-writing campaign to promote Harmony as the sight for the First Day Ceremony of the 1994 Christmas stamps. Suggestions for a special 25th anniversary souvenir were being solicited.

The following issue announced the death of CPC's founder Kenneth W. Mackenzie. A memorial fund was set up in his memory and helped to fund the 1994 celebration. Efforts to fulfil his dream of having a first day ceremony in Harmony, Minnesota were stepped up within the pages of the Yule Log.

President Joan revealed in the May/June 1993 Yule Log that the entries from the stamp design contest which she had sent for consideration to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee were returned. The committee had informally viewed the artwork but the committee was no longer considering unsolicited artwork due to legal problems that had developed. Two of the contest winning designs were used as designs on the Club's 25th Anniversary Cover and Seals.

June Berwald of Minnesota volunteered to co-ordinate "Christmas in Minnesota", October 19-23, 1994, the 25th anniversary celebration of the Christmas Philatelic Club. In less than one year, June co-ordinated CPC's plans for "Christmas in Minnesota" which combined a two day stamp exhibition and bourse including a second day ceremony, a bus trip to the First Day Ceremony in Harmony and a 25th anniversary banquet. In addition June undertook the designing of a second day cancel and show program, made arrangements for hotel accomodations and transportation to and from the show. The results of June's efforts provided those who attended with memories to last a life time.


First Day Ceremony in Harmony, Minnesota

"Christmas in Minnesota" Stamp Exhibition and Bourse 

25th Anniversary Banquet 

25th Anniversary Cover and Seals 

Special Anniversary Editions of the Yule Log 

CPC Members Who Attended Christmas in Minnesota


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