CPC Honor Roll.In the first issue of the 2015 Yule Log, there was a call for nominations for the Honor Roll which recognizes outstanding achievements and service to the club by CPC members. Each of the following were nominated for this honor by a member in good standing and approved by the Executive Board: Kenneth Mackenzie, Linda Lawrence and Kathy Ward. These are the first three members to receive this award and it is hoped that more nominations of worthy individuals will be made so that the club can recognize those that have made outstanding contributions to the club over its history of almost 50 years.

Yule Log Awards.The CPC has several awards for authors who contribute items for the Yule Log. Individuals for these awards are to be nominated by the Yule Log Editor and voted on by the Executive Board. The last time these awards were made was in 2011 for the years 2006 to 2010. The awards include: (1) the Ken Mackenzie Award for the best philatelic research article of the year; (2) the Irene B. Chidester Award for recognition of a new author; and (3) the Regular Columnist Award for individual who has written a series of columns on a regular basis (cannot win more than once). The members nominated for the awards must be in good standing. Not all awards need to be conferred if there is no one deemed eligible for the award.

The Yule Log Awards for the years 2011 through 2014 are as follows:

For the Mackenzie Award the recipients are: 2012--John Hotchner, Auxiliary Markings on Christmas Seal Covers (A/M/J, p. 5-15): 2013--Reinhold Pachernegg, The History of Christmas Cards (July-Dec, p. 27-35); 2014--John Renyhart, A Philatelic Window into Santa's Evolution (2 parts, A/M/J, p. 7-10 and J/A/S, p. 7-10). There was no one nominated for 2011.

For the Chidester Award the recipients are: 2011--Reinhold Patchernegg, Christmas Cancellations in Europe in Villages or Towns with Christmas Names or Biblical Names or with Reference to Christmas (J/A/S, p. 8-14); 2014--Eric Casagrande, Maligayango Pasko (2 parts A/M/J, p. 11-14 and O/N/D p. 8-11).

For the Regular Columnist Award the recipients are: 2011-2014 (single award) Pat Prevey for her Christmas Checklists; 2013--Contributors of the Columns on 50 Years of US Stamps which ran the entire year and included May Day Taylor, Leon Putnam, Paul Zientek, Jim Balog, Christina Howland Stitt, Roberta Olson, Lanny Peterson, Betty Yagi, Kathy Ward, and the late Doug Lehmann; 2014--Marion Rollings for Christmas Philately Around the Internet.

A new award was added: the Sustaining Author Award for individuals who contribute articles on a regular basis (may be on the same or different subjects, but the contributions are considered an article not a column). Award can be given out as many times as deemed appropriate as it is to recognize those individuals who help to sustain the Yule Log with their   regular contributions.

The recipients of this new award included: John Young for his many articles on Ships and Christmas from 2011 to 2014; Reinhold Patchernegg for his many articles on Christmas Stamps and Traditions Worldwide from 2011-2014; and Gene Sanders for his articles on Christmas Island Christmas and Crabs 2011-2014.

We thank all contributors to the Yule Log for it is their efforts that make it the award-winning journal it is. We hope more members will choose to participate in this most important function of the club.


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