• "Decennial 1978".....CPC became Affiliate #74 of the American Philatelic Society in April 1978. CPC celebrated its decennial in conjunction with the APS convention STaMpsHOW '78 in Indianapolis from Sept. 21 through Sept. 24. Present were Ken Mackenzie (President), Dorothy Henderson (Vice President), Vaughn Augustin (Secretary-Treasurer), Doug White (Director), Henry Bouchard, Alphal Leclaire, Theresa Siegel, Roy Gillespie, Carl Grissman, Ron Sobel and Virgil Mathias. New members joining at the show were Dixie McDonough and Reverend M.J. Whitehead. CPC #352 Kathleen Berry exhibited "Illuminated Manuscripts" and won a silver award.

  • "Topex - June 23, 1979".....CPC members gathered in Spokane, Washington: Dorothy Henderson, Leota Robliske, Edna Cummins, Roy Gillespie, Cathie Osborne, Dorothy Smith and Theresa Siegel.

  • "STaMpsHOW '79 - August 23-26".....CPC members attending this show in Boston were: Vaughn Augustin, Doug White, Harry Glass, Ernest St. Laurent, Anna Burke and Regina Mount. Member Mario McSween joined while at this show.

  • "25 Years Ago in CPC".....A Classification Committee was set up to assemble a list and classify all Christmas issues, determining which stamps were actually Christmas. The column Christmas Shopping made its debut in the May 1969 Yule Log. Editor Ken Mackenzie asked for every club member to be a participating member.

  • "The Christmas Tree Ship".....reprinted from the June 1984 and April 1985 Yule Logs. This delightful article tells the story behind three commemorative covers picturing the Rouse Simmons, Chicago's Christmas Tree Ship. The covers issued in 1962 remember the 50th anniversary since the loss of the ship.

  • "Happy Anniversary Christmas Philatelic Club".....CPC #569 Cathie Osborne of Sequim, Washington pays a philatelic tribute to CPC on its Silver Anniversary. She describes different types of bells on stamps that celebrate different occasions.

  • "Focus on Members" .....introduces Life Members Robert Leo and Molly Dolan.

  • "Christmas In Minnesota".... a schedule of events planned for the 25th anniversary celebration October 19-23, 1994. Shortly before this issue went to press, we received the final confirmation that a First Day of Issue in Harmony, Minnesota was planned.


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