• "The Christmas Florida Post Office, Part 2: Historical Overview " Christine Sanders, CPC #1766 and Tom Reardon, CPC #1676....the writers present everything you wanted to know about this post office. Many covers and special cancellations are illustrated. Excellent historical information about this tiny town from the early 1800s to present day. A must read for all collectors of Christmas Florida covers and postmarks. 
  • "The Christmas Stamps of Dahomey and Benin, Part 1 " .. . . by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CPC #987. In this article Richard discusses the Christmas stamps of Dahomey which were issued beginning in 1966. Several covers are illustrated. In the next Yule Log, Richard will describe the issues from 1975, when Dahomey was newly named Benin. 
  • "Christmas Art on Stamps from Australia" . . . by Wilmer Bloy CPC #1663. Christmas Stamp Stories writer Wilmer Bloy desribes the story behind the beautiful 1994 stamps showing the works of 15th century Italian painter Giovanni toscani. The set of stamps and maximum cards are illustrated in colour. 
  • "Santa's Travels " ... by Christina H. Stitt, CPC #810 . . . Christina illustrates additional stamps showing methods of travel used by Santa in addition to reindeer.
  • "Finding a Home for a Bob Hope First Day Cover " ... by Christina H. Stitt, CPC #810 . . . Christina illustrates a First Day Cover featuring the Bob Hope stamp and tells why she has included it in her Christmas collection. 
  • "Recap of our Gathering, June 14, 2009 - ATA Show in Dayton, Ohio" Pictures and description of the 2008 gathering of CPC members in Dayton, Ohio. 


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