• "Southern California CPC Meetings"...Ten members met at the home of Roberta Ward #217 on July 27, 1980. Vaughn Augustin, Anthony B. Anthony, Ann Carlson, Rodney Caaaron, Irene Chidester, Bob Christi, Edna Cummins, Ev Foster and Florence Reeves. Roberta had another friendly get together on September 13, 1991. Present at this gathering were Wesley Smith, Richard Rothwell, a guest, Anthony B. Anthony, E.W. Foster, Eunice Brown, John Blessingham, Martin Ehde, Irene Chidester, Ann Carlson and Edna Cummins.

  • "Mecca in Milwaukee 1982".....Several CPC members attended STaMpsHOW '82 but names were not listed. From pictures, we note that Felix Zagorski, Ed Kalasa, Roy Gillespie, Irene Murphy and Ken Mackenzie were in attendance.

  • "25 Years Ago in CPC".....The August 1, 1969 issue listed 24 new members, bringing the total membership to 61. Ken Mackenzie published a "Letter of Intent" which included a brief history of the fledgeling CPC and outlined his personal goals for the future of the club.

  • "Focus on Members".....introduces Life Members Alphal Leclaire, Christina Howland and Manson Rideout.

  • Illustrations of CPC's 25th Anniversary Cover, Souvenir Card and Seal and an order form are included. CPC members visiting editor Kathy Ward during July helped add the silver highlights to the covers. Further details of "Christmas in Minnesota" are given and the front page pictures the two stamps that would be issued in Harmony.


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