...each member's Yule Log contained a commemorative souvenir elongated coin issued on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Christmas Philatelic Club.


  • "25 Years Ago in CPC".....Joan Klimchalk reviews the first issue of the Yule Log. Number one was issued January 1, 1969 and consisted of one page and was sent to 100 members of ATA to solicit Christmas collectors who would be interested in forming an ATA Christmas unit.

  • "Christmas Philatelic Club - Founded in Harmony" article by founder Ken Mackenzie outlining the benefits of membership. Reprinted from the September, 1970 issue.

  • "Gift Wraps and Rappings"....incoming editor, Edna Cummins, who took over for Ken in December 1970 had some nice words to say to Ken, "Founding the Christmas Philatelic Club was one of the most wonderful Christmas gifts any of us has ever received."

  • "CPC's First Chapter Meeting - New York City".....details CPC's first get together September 10, 1971. Seven members and one guest attended this meeting: Hans Baum #52, Bill Coughlin #180, Carl Eissmann #222, Mel Garabrant #84, Helen Gillespie #216, Helen Lombardo (guest), Ann Minor #144 and Hilary Smith #146.

  • "The Story Behind the 1971 Christmas Philatelic Club Covers"..... related by Bob Jones, CPC #21, secretary/treasurer at the time. The covers were actually used to mail the Yule Logs with a Dec. 25, 1971 Bethlehem, Kentucky postmark. A rubber stamp cachet included the words "The Yule Log/Monthly Journal of the/Christmas Philatelic Club/Christmas Greetings" and an illustration of the Three Kings following the Star.

    Similar covers with a different cachet (snowman, Santa and Merry Christmas/Christmas Philatelic Club) mailed from Partridge, Kentucky Dec. 25 were used to mail current membership cards to members. Member Hilary Smith supplied the envelopes decorated with the rubber stamp designs.

  • "Santa Claus for Sale" an article from the May 1983 Yule Log was chosen for reprinting by the editor. The article written by Ken Mackenzie told about the development of Santa Claus, Arizona, first established in 1937. The town was for sale in 1983 for $149,000.

  • "Focus on Members" featured writeups on Life Members: Brother Raphael Cecchini, Grace V. Weller and Helen Gillespie.

  • "Harmony, Minnesota - A Brief History".....In preparation for the Club's anniversary celebrations in Harmony, Minnesota, member Gwen Herker visited Harmony, Minnesota. She relates a brief history of the town along with some pictures she took while there.


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