Ever mindful that love should be the basis for all relationships between one human and another, we take our inspiration from the Babe of Bethlehem, whose birth marked the beginning of a lifelong testimony of true love. In pursuit of a like goal in our respective surroundings, we, Christmas topicalists all join together to support one another in the study of all Christmas philatelic material. Through this Association, our increased knowledge leads to a greater enjoyment of our hobby, a special hobby whose underlying thought is a reminder that a greater purpose awaits us: Peace on Earth begins with men of good will.

Article 1 Name
The name of this club is CHRISTMAS PHILATELIC CLUB, hereafter referred to as CPC for the purpose of brevity.

Article II Purpose
The purpose of CPC is to promote the association of Christmas topicalists in an entourage of philatelic activities that are conducive to the members’ common growth in knowledge and enjoyment of all aspects of Christmas philately.

Article III Membership
Section 1. Eligibility. Any person of good character interested in philately is eligible for membership in CPC.
Section 2. All members enjoy the same privileges and responsibilities associated with membership in CPC.
Section 3. Classes. The membership of CPC is divided into the following classes:

(a) Regular Membership: Members paying annual dues in accordance with the bylaws.
(b) Honorary Membership: Honorary membership is established in recognition of outstanding contribution to Christmas topical philately. The Executive Board has the authority to consider and bestow this honor upon deserving individuals. Honorary members pay no dues, do not vote, and are entitled to receive the YULE LOG free.

Section 4. Member Status
(a) Good Standing. Members are considered in good standing when conducting themselves within the spirit and scope of the purpose of CPC and in financial equilibrium with CPC.
(b) Resigned. A resignation must be made in writing to the Secretary. Resignation forfeits all rights, privileges, and benefits attached to membership, but it does not cancel financial obligation to CPC incurred during period of membership. Refund of dues, in total or in part, is not allowed.
(c) Reinstated. A former member in good standing whose membership was terminated by resignation or non-payment of dues, may reinstate his membership by payment of dues in accordance with the bylaws.

Article IV Officers
Section 1. The officers of CPC are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors. The officers perform the duties as prescribed in the bylaws.
Section 2. The officers are elected by ballot for two years or until their successors are elected. With the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer no officer is eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. An officer who has served more than half a term is considered to have served a full term in office.
Section 3. Any regular member in good standing is eligible for an office.

Article V Executive Board
Section 1. The immediate past president, defined as a president who has served at least one year and who has not resigned during his second year in office, and the current officers of CPC constitute the Executive Board.
Section 2. The President presides over the Executive Board.
Section 3. The Executive Board has full authority to do all things necessary for and incident to the proper execution of the provisions of this constitution and its bylaws.
Section 4. The Executive Board is at all times to be responsive to ideas, criticisms and suggestions made by the membership, in the best interest and general welfare of CPC.

Article VI Elections
Elections are held biennially in odd numbered years under the provisions of the bylaws.

Article VII Committees
Section 1. The President appoints such standing and temporary committees as are necessary to accomplish the purpose of CPC and to assist in implementing the policies and directives of the Executive Board.
Section 2. Committee appointments are made for a period to be determined by the President, but not for more than two years. Committee appointments expire at the completion of the President’s term of office, but chairmen and/or committee members may be dismissed at the direction of the President, subject to approval by the Executive Board.

Article VIII Publication
Section 1. The official journal of CPC is YULE LOG, which shall be published throughout the year on a regular basis, and shall be distributed to all members of CPC. All official notices of CPC are published in this journal.
Section 2. The editor of YULE LOG is appointed by the President for a two year term, subject to approval by the Executive Board. The Editor is subject to the provisions of Bylaw C Paragraph 4.
Section 3. The official journal strives to fulfill the purpose of CPC in the material selected for publication. While drawing attention to questionable postal emissions, no directives concerning what or what not to collect are made.

Article IX Local Branches
Section 1. Local branches may be established by the Executive Board in response to a written request to that effect and signed by at least five CPC members in good standing residing within the area to be benefited.
Section 2. Local branches may elect their own officers and committees, may assess dues, may collect and manage their own funds and make rules for their government, provided that all of their acts and rules are consistent with this constitution and its bylaws.

Article X Honor Role
Section 1. An Honor Roll is established to recognize outstanding achievements and service to the club by CPC members.
Section 2. Any member in good standing may submit members’ names for Honor Roll to be considered by the Executive Board.

Article XI Amendment
of this Constitution and its Bylaws
Section 1. Any member in good standing may submit proposed amendments, in writing, to the Executive Board for consideration. An affirmative majority vote of the Executive Board on the proposed amendment requires it to be submitted to the membership for adoption.
Section 2. An amendment submitted to the Executive Board with ten percent of the good standing membership in affirmative petition must be brought before the entire membership for adoption.
Section 3. Amendments to the Constitution require an affirmative two thirds majority of the members voting for adoption. Amendments to the bylaws require an affirmative majority of the members voting for adoption.
Section 4. Proposed amendments appear to (or with) the biennial ballot unless sufficiently urgent, as determined by the Executive Board, to require a special vote.

Article XII Dissolution
Section 1. In the event dissolution of CPC is approved by the membership, any surplus money or property remaining after paying or providing for all liabilities of the Club, shall be distributed to various philatelic societies or to their successors and assigns, to be determined by the Executive Board.


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