Friday, October 21
International Market Square
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Christmas in Minnesota opened with a Second Day of Issue Ceremony. Programs given out at this ceremony had the stamps cancelled with a second day of issue cancel. It pictured a loon, Minnesota's state bird, with a Christmas ribbon around its neck. Wording of the cancel was "1969/Christmas Philatelic Club/1994; Christmas in Minnesota Station; Second day of Issue October 21 1994; Minneapolis MN 55405."

The "Christmas in Minnesota" Stamp Show had plenty for us to do. A show program designed by June Berwald was handed out to everyone visiting the show. The American Ceremony Program Society held a Northern Regional Meeting in the afternoon. There were several dealers, the United States Post Office, a Youth table and the Club had a table. CPC covers from previous years were available, membership information was given out and there was a raffle. An Old World Santa handmade by club member Patricia Prevey was the raffle prize won by Ed Kalasa. A few 25th Anniversary Covers and Seals were still available but they sold out very quickly. Show visitors also enjoyed the many Christmas Exhibits that were in competition at the show.

The Club's Anniversary Banquet and an impromptu craft session were held in the evening.

Saturday, October 22

The highlight of the second day of the "Christmas in Minnesota" Stamp Show had to be the Silent Auctions organized by Ed and Barbara Kalasa. Because of the enormous amount of donated philatelic items, seals and Christmas crafts, two auctions were held - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The bidding started at a very slow pace, became quite active in the last ten minutes and frantic in the last two minutes, with bids changing as fast as bidders could write their names. The auctions were a great success. At the close of the show, members worked together to dismantle the show.


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